Web Pages and Graphics

Economy Basic HTML page $20
Regular Basic HTML page $50.
Additional HTML pages $ 10. to $ 50. per page
(depending on time involved *)
Digital Photography and Custom graphic design $20./hour
Maintenance of web site $20./hour

Virtual Artistry creates a customized Web site starting at $20.00 per page. Each page is a custom design.
Discounts will apply to multipage projects.
Estimates are available upon request.

Basic web page includes:

One background color or image
Unlimited text
A title header
Unlimited images (logos, graphics, clip art images, etc.)
Unlimited links to e-mail addresses, Web pages within your site, or other sites
Unlimited bullets or buttons for lists or links
Unlimited custom color preferences for text, links and visited links
Meta tags and registration with five search engines, such as Google, Lycos and Alta Vista

* Custom designed graphics can increase time and cost.