Virtual Artistry is the virtual artistic expression of Sandy Cline, Artist and Sculptor.

   He brings to the computer, forty years of working in the Arts. The virtual world of the computer is another media to be molded into a visual expression of the artistic mind. As the writer tells a story, planting thoughts into the mind of the reader, the virtual artist should be presenting ideas through the language of the computer.

  Virtual Artistry web page designs are developed from an artistic perspective and transformed into interesting and informative pages that intrigue the surfing viewers into exploring the site.

  The Gnomes Hovel is the artist's home in the forests of Ontario, Canada. The house backs on to a cedar swamp that is reminiscent of living in the Jurassic era. Through the mists that rise from the muskeg, drifting through the dead and dying cedars, your mind could visualize a Tyrannosaurus Rex about to emerge. There is 300 square miles of bush, lakes and rock behind that swamp, home to deer, wolves and bear who occasionally drop by for a visit.

  This environment is fertile ground for the artistic mind of Sandy Cline. His sculptures can be seen on the net at