Madawaska Valley Community Arts Council

Madawaska Valley Arts & Craft Festival- July 19th. 2003
Barry's Bay, Ontario

Application Form

The Madawaska Valley Community Arts Council is proud to announce that we have been awarded the responsibility of this very successful annual event. Our Arts & Craft Festival this year will again be held at the Railway Station Park and the Water Tower Park at the entrance to the village of Barry's Bay This festival has proven very successful in the past to all exhibitors. We hope you will join us this year. All proceeds after expenses will be used to continue the work of the Arts Council and support the South of 60 Arts Centre, located in the Railway Station.

As in past years, this event is outdoors - rain or shine - from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Exhibitors are encouraged to have a canopy for protection from the elements. A plastic drop sheet is also recommended. You can usually pick up a canopy for about $60.00 from one of the many chain stores. Booth space is 12' x 12' with 1' bum space for $45.00. You supply your own table, chair and any backdrops necessary.

The following guidelines must be adhered to for the success and harmony of everyone:

First year exhibitors will enclose photos (returnable) with application.

Preference will be given to original works and outside manufacturers are discouraged.

All applications must be in by May 24th, 2003.

(In most cases) only three exhibitors with similar work will be accepted. This is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Set-up time 7 :30 am - 9:00 am Saturday morning.

Persons with canopies or any overhead structure are requested to equip yourself with 4 cement blocks to place the poles in. We have an underground sprinkler system that could be damaged by pegs being driven into the ground.

After set-up there will be a parking space designated for your vehicles. Anyone not co-operating with this arrangement may not be invited back for next years' festival.

If you bring a pet with you it must be on a 3' leash and kept away from patrons. . No one will commence taking down their display until 4:30 pm.

If we all try to co-operate with these requests a good time will be had by all.

Anyone having any questions please call Dave or Connie Cosgrove (613)756-9561

Saturday, July 19,2003, 10 am - 4:30 pm at the Barry's Bay Station and Water Tower Parks
Opeongo Line, Barry's Bay, Ontario

Display Space: 12' square booth space = $45.00 Please make cheque or money order payable to: MVCAC

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Craft description: ________________________________________________
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Please return your application and payment to:

MVCAC, c/o South of 60 Arts Centre, Box 370, Barry's Bay, Ontario, K0J 1B0