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  Janet Carnochan


   Janet Carnochan was born in 1839 in Stamford, C.W, ( Canada West ) and educated in Niagara. She was the principal of the Public School for six years and teacher in the high school for twenty-two years. She was secretary of the Public Library, the oldest in Ontario, for thirty-five years. She was foundress of the Niagara Historical Society and its president until her death. She was the curator of the Memorial Museum and author of the History of Niagara and many pamphlets on local historical subjects.

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History of St. Vincent De Paul's Church
History of the Niagara Courthouse and Gaol
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Newark Neighbours of 1782
Origin of names of streets and towns in Niagara
Roster of Butler's Rangers
The story of the heroic exertions of Maria Wait during four years to save the life of her husband.

 We have been living in Peterborough County for the past 15 years, I thought it appropriate to to collect genealogical information from this area.

 Cemetery Records of Nogies Creek Cemetery, Harvey Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario
 Cemetery Records of Sandy Creek Cemetery, Harvey Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario

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