Lincoln Militia
War of 1812

 " From letters written during the War of 1812 - 14"

   The roll book of Captain John D. Servos's company of militia contains a list of persons excused or incapacitated from military service which is not without some local interest. 

  Roll of males in the limits of Captain John D. Servos's company 1st Regt. (Lincoln Militia),
September 7, 1812.




 67  Peter Ball    Half pay officer
56 Thomas Butler do.            do
 60  Bernard Freya    do.           do
 62  John Clement    do.           do
 46  Benjamin Pickard    Miller
 55  Frederick Manual    Militia officer, resigned
 26  Charles Rolls    Militia officer, n England
 76  Joseph Anderson    
 58  Joshua Ferris    
 57  John Curtin  Infirm  
 51  George Husen    
 21  John Husen   Infirm  
 62  John Bone, Sen.  do.  
 40  John Bone    In Pillory
 62  Ezekiel Cudney    
 57  George Lawrence    Capt. militia, resigned
 52  Robert Donaldson   Infirm  
 48  James Clement'    Militia officer, resigned
 22  John Thompson   Infirm  
 61  Robert Thompson  do.  
 63  Amos McKinney    
 55  Marlow Riley   Infirm  
 53  Jesse Loder  do.  
 50  John Ball    Magistrate
 64  John Stiver    
 69  Castle Corus    
 60  Michael Bellinger    
 54  Samuel Parks    Armourer
 56  Garret Slingerland   Infirm  
 54  John Secord   Deaf  
 71  Johnathan Lawrence    
 60  John Hays   Infirm  
 58  John Wolman  do.  
 46  Josiah Corbin  do.  

  Thomas Butler    "Died December, 1812"
Bernard Freya
    "Killed in Action Nov. 12, 1812"
John Clement
     "Died 1845, Aged 87"
George Lawrence
"Died 1848, Aged 91"
Charles Rolls
      "Died 1867, Aged 82"
James Clement
    "Died March,1813, Aged 49"
Castle Corus
       "Died 1835, Aged 96"

 An official return has been preserved of the casualties of the Second Lincoln, of which the flank companies and a considerable portion of the rest of the regiment had been on service since the declaration of war had been announced.

"List of men belonging to the 2nd Regiment of Lincoln Militia who have been wounded or have died since the 26th of June last.

Stephen Peer        Wounded at Queenston,
Morris Derrick (or Detrick )    Oct.13th, since recovered
Charles Cook                          Shot through the thigh at Fort Erie,28th Novr., recovering slowly.

Died since 28th Novr.
 Gershom Conger
 John Clark
*David Tallan
*Gabriel Smith
 John Gallipo
 David Bouck
 Daniel Millard
*Hyre Waters
*Daniel Hickson.
 Benjamin Skinner
 Orman Ensign
 William Brooks
 Cohn McCallum
 John Hodgkins
 James Stevenson
 Peter Wright
*Lewis David
 George Couck

"Note-The names marked with a (*) were single men, the others were men with families.

"Chippawa, Jany. 1st, 1813.

"Thomas Clark, Lt. Col. 2nd Lincoln Militia."