Looking for someone to do repairs of Steatite (soapstone) Sculptures?

Diane Caron
Tel: 1-800-363-6367
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   From my workshop in Blainville (suburb Montreal) I solve challenging problems involving (steatite) soapstone sculptures with the eye and the hands of an artist.

  I have been repairing soapstone sculptures for over five years. Many sculptures come for the farthest points of United States and Canada. They arrive in many pieces or damaged and are shipped back to its owner fully restored and polished. In many cases, some parts were missing and required to be reconstructed to its original shape.

 Some sculptures are either valuable or just considered for its sentimental value. I will put the same time, effort and devotion for both. With a brief description of the damages and size of the sculptures I will be happy to provide an estimate or further information. My fees are very reasonable.


   Recent projects have been to restore a beautiful Sedna from the artist Jonasie Faber Quarqortoq.
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Also an Eskimo with a fish from the sculptor Augiak Novalinga. Smaller projects have been to repair dancing bear, seal, whale, bird, male hunters, family, bust of an elder man from Africa, etc.

 I also repair the following substances: alabaster, marble and clay.


 Pictures show the before and after repairs.















Below is a recently repaired bear by Nuna Parr (Cape Dorset)